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Ad-hoc Support

Ad-hoc Support Terms v1.1


1.1 Unless otherwise expressly agreed between Convergence Limited (“Convergence”) and a client (“Customer”) these terms will apply to the provision of all ad-hoc support services by Convergence to the Customer.

1.2 These terms do not apply where Convergence and the Customer may have entered into separate written agreements dealing with support services.

1.3 Convergence may modify or amend these terms on 30 days’ prior written notice.


2.1 Ad-hoc support services are available during standard business hours [New Zealand time] during 9am and 5pm, except on weekends and public holidays as observed in New Zealand.

2.2 Urgent after hours support can be arranged but availability is not guaranteed.


3.1 All support requests are to be submitted via email to support@convergence.co.nz.

3.2 Urgent after hours support can be requested by phoning 0800-CONVERGENCE [266837], option 3.


4.1 For each support request the Customer approves up to two hours of work billable at Convergence’s standard rates for the purpose of investigating and/or resolving the issue reported.

4.2 If the issue can be resolved within the time initially approved as per clause 4.1 Convergence will proceed to do so and the Customer will be charged for the actual amount of time spent.

4.3 If it becomes apparent that more than the amount of time initially approved under clause 4.1 will be required to either fully investigate and/or resolve the issue, Convergence will immediately report back to the client with it’s findings thus far. This may include a request for further time to be approved, available options at this point and/or recommended next steps.

4.4 Should the customer decide not to proceed with any further work then the time initially approved as per clause 4.1 remains payable.


5.1 As of 1 July, 2015, Convergence’s rate for standard ad-hoc support service during normal business hours is $197/hr +GST.

5.2 The rate for urgent after hours support is standard rate x 1.5 = $295.50/hr +GST.


6.1 Unless otherwise agreed, Convergence warrants project work for a 30-day period starting from either of the following:

6.1.1 When the solution or functionality provided is used in production, i.e. supporting actual business process[es], not testing.

6.1.2 A specific date agreed between Convergence and the Customer.

6.2 The Customer acknowledges that, unless agreed in writing between the Customer and Convergence, support work due to its nature is not covered under warranty.