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When it comes to getting your business online and making sales there are many very capable people out there who can build an attractive eCommerce website for your business. There are even those who will make sure that people come to your website and sign-up for your service or purchase your product when they get there.

If that all goes well, you will soon be receiving lots of online orders. As you get busier, though, you’ll discover that that is where the work really starts. Now you’ve got an awesome website that is generating sales but it’s “out there” and doesn’t talk to the rest of your business. Your core business applications, such as, your accounting software, your inventory management or CRM etc. function in isolation and you soon find your staff spending significant amounts of time manually entering online sales, updating stock and product availability and pricing etc. both in your business software and your website. Duplication of such manual effort is not only highly inefficient it is also extremely error-prone.

Of course there are off the shelf solutions that plug in to your website but they don’t do everything and they may not do what is right for you and your business.

Convergence are experts at working with Business Managers and Web Developers to make sure that data critical to your eCommerce website is synchronised effortlessly and reliably every time and without you needing to do anything. We’ve developed our own cloud-based integration platform called CODI [Convergence Optimised Data Integration], which acts as the basis for our integration solutions but the solution we build for your business is tailored to your specific requirements. We take care of it all. It’s as simple as that.

We save you time and we make you more money without the hassle. Sounds good right?


eCommerce Integration

Automatic interchange of data critical to business processes ensures smooth business processes.

eCommerce Integration diagram


Convergence was launched in 1997 and over the years since then we have serviced clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Since 2009 we have focused our attention fully on eCommerce integration solutions; helping small to medium businesses in Australia and New Zealand with the integration of their accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP], inventory management software etc. with their eCommerce websites. Our experience in this area means that we can help you create fully integrated eCommerce solutions that will help you or your client grow your business without the need to add additional human resources.



At Convergence we don’t just sell you some software and leave you to it. Our team of professional consultants start by understanding your business, how you sell, who your customers are and what your product range is. Together, we develop a clear eCommerce Integration Strategy that is specific to your business and your requirements.

We then document a detailed plan for you that tells you exactly what needs to be done and how we will be helping you achieve the desired outcome.

Finally, we implement a solution for your business that takes advantage of our CODI integration platform and the latest information to help you streamline your eCommerce business the way you want.

Our support team is available to you after the project has been completed and we’re always available to expand or modify your integration solution as your business grows and your needs change.

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As your business grows, whether you are the owner or managing the business, you are going to run into the headaches that come with increased workloads as a result of your online success. Whether you have an existing website that you love and want to connect with the rest of your business software systems, or are building a new eCommerce website, Convergence can help. Call us now and we can look at your eCommerce systems and show you how to save lots of time and money through clever integration. If needed, we can introduce you to a website developer we now is going to design and deliver the website you want while we work in parallel on integrating your key business software with your website.


At Convergence we work with website developers to you deliver a comprehensive and fully integrated eCommerce solution to your clients.. We know that you want the best result and that is why we have focused on becoming the leaders in our field for website integration. If you are building a site for a client who wants the new website your creating for them to be connected to their business software, let’s talk. We compliment your skills and allow you to focus on what you do best while we make you look good with a state of the art, eCommerce integration for your client.




We are proud of the work that we have completed for our clients and the relationship that we build with them. Below are some of their logos and there are many more on our client page.

eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client
eCommerce Integration client