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Hi there, it’s Mark Presnell from Convergence, also known as Mr Integration.

Let’s talk about Batch updates versus Real Time updates when it comes to eCommerce Integration.

Real Time updates are very useful when it comes to time sensitive data, for example orders being synchronized back to your ERP or your Accounting Software, to make sure stock updates and stock adjustments are reflected as quickly as possible to avoid the situation where someone buys that last precious bottle of wine online and one of your staff sells it to another customer in the store, one of your customers is going to be disappointed.

Batch updates are widely applicable to a number of other types of data, for example product details, product deletions, product changes, or new products for example. They don’t need to be updated every second. Debtors for example or pricing information and so forth; those type of things can be done on a more relaxed schedule for example every fifteen minutes, or an hour or even once per day.

What we do is work with you to work out the exact schedule for each type of data and then implement that as part of the integration project as we go live with your system.

If you want to find out more about how an integration and how Batch or Real time data can help streamline your online business, request a free integration at convergence.co.nz and let’s talk through that.


Mark Presnell

Managing Director
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