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Hi There, it’s Mark Presnell from Convergence also known as Mr Integration.

Today I want to talk about data cleansing and keeping the sheer amount of product details up to date and accurate at all times. If you’ve got a large number of products or Stock Keeping Units or SKUs, you probably have a large number of suppliers and just keeping product details up to date can be a significant effort. We’ve just entered into a partnership with a company called Vesta Central who offer an online user interface which you can make available to your suppliers for them to enter the product details of the products you purchase from them. Once entered into the Vesta system you can utilise them in your own systems internally.

Any changes or updates that the suppliers make will automatically find their way into your systems meaning that the product details and descriptions and everything to do with those items are always up to date in your systems and from their our integrations can push them out to your eCommerce website.

This is a way for you to save a huge amount of manual effort, error prone type work maintaining product details and manual entering details like that, this systems allows all of that to be outsourced and made easier.

If you would like to talk more about that get in touch via and you can request a free integration assessment via the same website and we’ll talk further. Thank you


Mark Presnell



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