By Mark Presnell, Managing Director

The evolving landscape of New Zealand e-commerce, driven largely by competition and the rapid pace of technological change, can be daunting. The good news is that success isn’t about resisting change but instead applying only the technology you need to ensure a great customer experience. It’s that simple.

From my conversations with New Zealand businesses, I know that people are worried and feel overwhelmed. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and the rise of fulfilment models (championed by giants like Amazon and Temu) have only intensified these concerns.

But when you feel uncertain, worried, or overwhelmed, remember the fundamental truth that retail and other businesses have always been about delivering value through seamless customer service.

While Amazon’s model excels in efficiency, retailers using its services are challenged to maintain their unique brand identity in an era of widespread automation. It’s not all roses on the fulfilment side, either.

Rather than trying to keep up with technology or worrying about whether you will be in business in a year or two, take heart from these three tactics:

1. Optimise Legacy Systems:
Many retailers operate on systems that have stood the test of time. These customised, deeply embedded solutions can still serve us well. By integrating them with modern eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, we extend their utility without incurring exorbitant costs.

2. Monitor Technological Developments:
Staying informed about technological advancements is essential, but we don’t have to worry about every new tool. Instead, educate yourself to understand which innovations can genuinely enhance your business operations and ignore the rest.

3. Focus on Comprehensive Technology Training:
Our staff’s proficiency with existing systems is paramount. Outdated technology frustrates employees and hampers productivity, but proper training and updates can mitigate these issues.

Remember, technology is a means to an end. It must improve business functions while preserving our unique character and competitive edge. As we embrace the future, use technology wisely to serve your customers to the best of your ability.

If you have legacy systems that you can’t or don’t want to abandon, talk to us about how we sharpen up your processes with professional integration between your eCommerce site and your business software.

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