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Hi there, my name is Mark Presnell from Convergence Limited. I also go by the alias of Mr Integration Online. What I specialise in is eCommerce Integration. The whole idea there is that for businesses that are actively selling online to sync data between their back-office services, be they accounting or inventory management software or their CRM and their eCommerce website on the other side. We work with a client to define exactly what data needs to be synchronised, what trigger points, what schedules and so forth. We streamline those processes that would otherwise take people a lot of effort to manually update data. Typically people will be copying and pasting data, importing csv files or they will be manually entering those orders and that will take huge amounts of time. We can streamline that and reduce that effort significantly saving a business thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars by just automating the whole process. So eCommerce integration is the topic that I’m all about and I’m really passionate about If you would like to talk more about that, feel free to grab a free copy of my ebook at or give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.   Best Wishes   Mark Presnell Convergence Ltd (C) Convergence Ltd 2018