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Hi there, It’s Mark Presnell from Convergence Limited, also known as Mr Integration online.

Today I want to talk to you about data, huge amounts of data and the confusion that this causes. Companies selling online will typically have all of their products already set up in their inventory or their accounting software in-house and then they go and have to enter all of that again on their eCommerce website if they are wanting to sell those products online.

Within a very short space of time usually those two are out of sync you might have a product listed on the website that’s no longer in stock or they may have already sold it online and it’s not available in the warehouse, or the price online is no longer up to date as someone forgot to update the promotional details for that particular special and so forth.

You can see that that type of discrepancy or inaccuracy in data can frustrate people quite a lot. Internally you can probably absorb those sorts of things, people can put up with that, it’s just part of the work environment I guess, but externally for customers ordering on your website that can be a huge frustration. They order a product and they expect a product to be available. If it’s showing on your website you’re selling it and if it’s showing at that price, I’m buying it at that price. As soon as errors hit customers it can lead to huge frustrations, it can even lead to complaints or people being extremely unhappy with the service that they are getting through your company website.

This is one of the things that we can solve through eCommerce Integrations, we can streamline that data, make sure it’s always in sync between your website and your business systems without you having to do anything – 24/7, no extra effort and tailored to your specific requirements for your business.

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