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Hi there, it’s Mark Presnell from Convergence Limited, also known as Mr Integration.

Today I want to talk to you about Off-the-shelf versus Custom eCommerce Integration solutions.

What is Off-the-shelf? Off-the-shelf clearly is a standardised piece of software that delivers a certain amount of functionality but not more, so you’re expected to adjust the way your business operates to meet the software and quite often you can’t go outside that.

A Custom solution is written to meet your requirements 100 percent. That often comes at a price because obviously there’s more effort involved to do that.

Ideally you would find some middle-ground. Something that has a certain amount of standardisation, that has core components that are already in place that can be implemented very quickly but still be customised.

That’s exactly what we have done with our CODI platform. So you’ve got the CODI core engine that we can set up very quickly and we’ve got connectors into a number of different end points, those being your business applications, your ERP, your accounting, your inventory software or on the other hand your eCommerce website to allow you to synchronize data between those two end points.

That is how we can implement eCommerce Integration solutions very quickly, very cost effectively and still allow us to meet your custom requirements 100 percent.

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Mark Presnell

Managing Director

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