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Hi there it’s Mark Presnall from Convergence, also known as Mr Integration.

When it comes to integration software solutions there are two key architecture models that are used. One is called Point to Point or P2P and the other one is Middleware.

Point to Point essentially means that every end point or application needs to point to and connect with every other application in that model somewhere. That can make things quite complex quite quickly especially as the number of applications grow and can also mean that ongoing maintenance can be excessive.

Middleware on the other hand is based on the principle of there being one piece of central software that talks to each individual application and essentially translates, reformats and restructures data as required on the fly, as it is transmitting data from a to b or from one application to another.

Our CODI integration software is based on the Middleware concept; and that allows us to integrate any number of applications for your business, to integrate them seamlessly and transmit data between themselves.

If you’d like to find out how that can help your business by streamlining your operations for your online selling and otherwise, request a free integration assessment at convergence.co.nz and let’s talk further, thank you.


Mark Presnell

Managing Director
Convergence Limited
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