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Happy New Year! Let’s make 2016 a great success and if you’re selling online let us turn your eCommerce into Smart eCommerce through clever Integration.

What is Smart eCommerce?

We think Smart eCommerce is a comprehensive business solution where your eCommerce website is fully and seamlessly integrated with your back-office business software and not left “out there” in the cold.

You shouldn’t have to double-enter data in your business software and then again in your eCommerce CMS [content management system].

Changes to product, stock, pricing and customer data in your accounting or ERP software are synchronised to your eCommerce website fully automatically, based on frequency you specify or at the drop of a hat.

Online orders flow through to your business software with revenue, stock, freight and GST etc. automatically recorded and invoices or sales orders created – all without you needing to re-key any data manually.

See how we can save you many hours of manual labour and the corresponding cost of this week after week, continuously.


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