Hi there, it’s Mark Presnell from Convergence, also known as Mr Integration.

Today I have a question for you:

Are you running one business or two businesses?

A few of our clients have said that before we came in to help them with an eCommerce Integration system they felt that they were running two businesses. You’re selling products in your physical store; your physical business and now you’re also selling things online and quite often these two are completely disconnected, completely separate.

Imagine you receive a new product that you are taking on and sell. You set that up in your inventory management or your accounting software, you’ll add all of the necessary details, your accounts, your prices and your descriptions, possibly some images and so forth and now you want to sell this product online and you go to your website and you have to do most of that all over again.

So you’re doubling up in effort.

What we can do with an eCommerce Integration is essentially streamline your operation. Afterwards you only do the action once, in your accounting software or your inventory management software and from there the data is synchronized out with your website, so the product appears on your site with the right price, in the right categories, the right navigational structure; if you’re selling B2B you’ll have automatic logins for customers to identify themselves and get their specific trade pricing and so forth and if they place orders of course we synch them back into your accounting software.

If you’re ready to talk about that, go to mrintegration.com and book a call, you’ll be talking to myself and we’ll work through your unique requirements and see how we can help your business.

If you’re not quite ready for that also go to mrintegration.com and grab a free copy of our eBook and learn how to prepare your business for an eCommerce integration system and we’ll talk a bit later.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking to you soon.  


Mark Presnell

Managing Director
Convergence Limited
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